January 31, 2013


Events - Launch of Kate's new nail polish collection for Rimmel...
 On speedy manicures: “I'm a girl on the go, I don't have time to paint a base coat, polish and top coat. I have my nails changed practically every day for work, so when I do them myself I want to do it quickly.”

 On her favourite polish form the collection: “I'm very classic, I like a nice beige nude or a dark colour like deep red or dark green.”
On nail art: “I'm not into nail art but my daughter loves it.

On nail shaping: “My dream nail shape would be a long almond, but I have to keep mine short and round for work. I've heard square nails are coming back, but I'm fighting it!”

On at home manis: “I'm a pro at painting my own nails, I've learnt from the best and have picked up some good tips along the way. The most important part of a polish for me is the brush. It has to give me enough polish in one swipe or it becomes streaky. That's why I love the brush so much on this one. And I don't have to paint it more than once which is ideal.”

On matching nails to your lippie: “I'd never match my nails to lipstick, or have a matching mani-pedi. I tend to keep my toes nude most of the time unless I've got a tanned foot and then I'll do a bright coral. I love a tan, think all girls do...”
Credit : UK.Lifestyle

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